TruStar Logistics Inc., a fully bonded and insured property brokers specializing in logistics of transporting freight and heavy equipment within the continental USA and overseas export/import. We're professionals at bringing two parties together getting business done, that's what brokers do. With our vast database of drivers, we can find and arrange for all types transport. From Flatbeds, Step Decks, Dry Van, Removable Goose Necks to Auto Transport Tractor Trailers, to Dry Bulk Trailers or any other number of truck types and Sprinter Vans, we can get your equipment moved! 


TruStar Logistics Inc., was founded in the first quarter of 2020 with an intention to serve the exporters and importers with a unique logistics solution and use our expertise to streamline our customer's distribution network to improve customer service, and to better utilize assets and capital in the common goal of getting freight to its destinations safely and securely.  We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, professionalism, and understanding the importance of round-the-clock communication. It is imperative we as company build strong and trustworthy relationships with shippers and carriers which is why we are also registered with government contracts.



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